We offer installation and maintenance services for saltwater aquariums. Whether you are a beginner hobbyist buying your first aquarium, an expert hobbyist with experience running a reef aquarium setup, or a business looking to bring the beauty of coral reefs into your space we can find a unique solution that will fit your needs.

Aquarium Installation

We utilize a methodical approach to ensure the guess work is taken out of making your coral reef successful. Starting with a collaborative plan where you provide input on the type and look of reef aquarium you want, equipment necessary to accomplish the design will be selected and installed by Rasta Reefs. To ensure your aquarium is ready for the live inhabitants that make up a coral reef, the water chemistry of the new system will be consistently monitored with digital test kits until parameters are safe for livestock introduction. Prior to the introduction of any coral or fish, there will be a quarantine process administered to ensure parasites and disease do not enter the reef system. Once quarantine is finished and livestock is ready to be introduced into the saltwater aquarium, to complete the installation of your system, an acclimation process will be followed to reduce stress on the coral or fish entering the system.

Aquarium Maintenance

We offer a wide range of one-time services from a basic water change to a full saltwater aquarium system cleaning. Educational lessons are offered for those looking to be more hands-on with their saltwater aquarium but we also offer full service maintenance to the businesses and hobbyists looking to sit back and enjoy their saltwater coral reef aquarium.


Water changes keep your water quality high as fish and coral excrete waste into the aquarium.
Another benefit of a water change is to replenish nutrients live corals absorb from the water column as they grow.

  • Requested percentage of system volume replaced with freshly mixed saltwater
  • Inside and outside of glass/acrylic cleaned
  • Excludes cleaning of equipment (pumps, skimmer, etc.)

Water chemistry is an important aspect of keeping a healthy saltwater reef aquarium. Testing a sample of aquarium water using titration and digital test kits will reveal specific adjustments, if any, that are needed to keep your system within stable limits.

  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Ammonia (new systems only)
  • Nitrates
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Phosphate

Live corals fall into unique categories and each has specific lighting intensity requirements. Lighting intensity cannot be judged by the human eye so a PAR meter will be utilized to map out your tank’s lighting intensities. After testing, a report will be provided that includes your tank’s PAR readings.

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